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Cotton Bird x Mer Mag: a creative collaboration for the holiday season

I'm so thrilled to be sharing that many of my illustrated holiday creations are available through the beautiful stationary company, Cotton Bird. We've teamed up together to create a really enchanted universe full so many beautiful creations to accompany your holiday celebrations.

Pssst: we also have adorable festive DIYs for you at the end of this article!

And best part? They can all be personalized!

In this collection, the traditional greeting cards are accompanied by decorative accessories (inner envelopes, stickers, labels) and pretty touches to place under the tree, personalized for those you love: scented candles, chocolate bars, gift tags or more pretty cookie boxes.

I'm also obsessed with the great seasonal must-have, the Advent calendar... and can be personalized with your most beautiful shots of the year!

So much love and consideration went into this collection. You can see the likeness of my soft bunny toys inspired this sweet paper creation. Wearing an Advent wreath and topped with starry suspensions, this adorable messenger will delight young and old elves for the end of year celebrations.

You can also see an homage to our favorite paper advent star of wonder calender lovingly adorned and embossed in gold.

The essential characters of the season are also invited to these creations: Santa Claus, snowman and tenderly illustrated reindeer will share your wishes of happiness.

Seasonal dried oranges, delicate wreaths and Christmas trees are also revisited. These traditional decorations are complemented by pretty nods of things I love about the season.

My love of ticking stripes seen in seasonal tones complete this collection, to be personalized with the most beautiful photographs of your tribe and to be placed as soon as possible in Santa's sack!


We're also sharing a festive Mer Mag x Cotton Bird DIY:

To enchant the end-of-year celebrations a little more I imagined, especially for you, adorable DIY paper creations!

A pretty board of characters is offered to you along side any order of Mer Mag x Cotton Bird stationery: to be cut out and staged as paper play scene. Reindeer, Christmas tree, gifts by the thousands, there is enough to imagine the most creative of holiday scenes for this end of the year!

And for the impatient who want to have fun right now: we have reserved a DIY for you to enhance your tree. Adorable characters and festive symbols can be colored, cut out and then hung on a string on the branches of your Christmas tree. Download and print as many times as you want!


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