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Join bitty bunny BERNICE BALLERINA in her debut performance!

Bitty Bunny Ballerina Bernice is ready for her debut performance! Dressed in sparkle sequins and a dusty milk chocolate tool tutu - Bernice is ready to twirl, leap and shine!

She is 11.5" tall and perfect for fitting into play houses, stages (and even Easter baskets).

See more on how we made here stage (and to inspire you to create your own!) here on

New to the stage, Bernice often feels a bit wobbly and and self concious in her dance technique. But her spirit is ablaze and her passion for dance never ending. Bit by bit she learns each step, each turn, and twirl. Practicing until she get's it just right.

Her debut performance is coming up and she can't wait to finally perform on stage! As the curtains draw, and her tummy leaps, Bernice steps out into the spotlight. How will her performance go?

YOU can help Bernice have her best debut performance!

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