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Meet Anouk

of Amsterdam

A Doll to Travel the World with

Anouk of Amsterdam in the next friend in the Travel Girls series! She is a city girl who loves cycling, flower shopping and sketching. And of course the occasional stroopwafel- but made fresh in the De Pijp Albert Cuyp market. She also loves writing to her penpals Colette of Paris and Kaitlyn of NYC. 

Meet Colette

of Paris

A Doll to Travel the World with

Colette is from Paris and loves travel around her beautiful city capturing the magic of what she sees everyday in her sketch book. On Saturday she loves to visit the Musée du Louvre and sketch what the masters have created. Here she and miss Mona Lisa exchange greetings. Colette gives her a blow kiss and then Mona gives a little wink back. After that Colette is off to the Jardin du Luxembourg to nibble on a baguette et fromage while watching little sail boats race in the pond.

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