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Meet Colette! The first of a series of Travel Dolls. Colette is from Paris and loves travel around her beautiful city capturing the magic of what she sees everyday in her sketch book. Such as the little pigeon she saw perched on top of a Notre Dame gargoyle. Or the silly little puppy her neighbor Madame Minuit dresses up and takes on walks. There is always something new and exciting to see and sketch in Paris!


Here Colette comes in a billowy forrest cotton crepe dress with peter pan collar and bow tied at the neck. She pairs this with maroon bubble shorts underneath. Tuck her dress in to her shorts for a whole new look! Her hair is tied in four loop braids like she wears to play. Upon her head she dons the classic Parisian beret in mint and on her feet, charming black mary jane shoes. She is midi size at 24" long (fits 18" doll clothing). Colette is handsewn with a handpainted face.


Colette comes with a a printable Paris sketch book that you can put together and draw what you see (or what you dream of seeing in Paris) each day! Fill it up, and then just print out another to start a whole new sketch book!


Each doll is handsewn with a hand painted face, making each it's own unique work of art.


Intended for Children ages 3 and Up

Colette of Paris in a forest dress - midi size

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