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Freja is a friend to the end. She loves writing notes to friends and others letting them know just what she appreciates about them. She's a great listener and a sweet companion for whatever adventure you are on. She's also very good at telling exciting stories with a touch of magic and mystery in each of them. Pull up a cup of apple cider and listen along.


Freja is a smaller version of her oversized friend and stands at about 16" high. She has auburn hair tied in two side loop braids and wears a plum linen dress and brown maryjanes. She pairs it with a faux fur collar and a knit cap for snuggly seasonal weather. (re-purposed knit caps vary from doll to doll)


This limited edition heirloom doll comes with a 4x6 illustrated collectors portrait card with her story on the back. 

Freja Doll

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