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Meet Theodora the witch! She is a crafty little witch who loves to magically create things out of nothing. You can find her always collecting little treasures others overlook and she is known for making little creations - her favorite being from her forest finds. When the other witches need a hand with something a creative, they always call for Theodora.


Theadora is a midi size doll at 26" tall (that is without her hat). She has black wool plaited hair, a linen black dress, wool black boots and black witch hat. You can even make her a DIY broom from a found stick and straw or found fluffy foiliage for the broom hairs. 


Each doll is hand sewn with a hand painted face, making each it's own unique work of art. 





Not suitable for children under the age of 5. Supervise play at all times. Small parts such as shoes could pose a choking hazard.

Theodora the Witch

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