I'm thrilled to offer, for a limited time, custom Mother and Child Portraits.


The base price includes a representation of a MOTHER - from there it will be an additional fee for each child/pet you want added to the portrait. Just select +'1 child' etc. from the drop down and go from there for each additinal child (see drop down menu for additional pricing). If you want a pet, add it as a child for pricing sake.


I'll have you send photos of everyone once purchased.

These potraits will take at least 3 weeks from the time of purchase. This is an opportunity for to select what you want in the in portrait - such as wardrobe, hair style, children, stance, etc. (I am not doing elaborate scenes for these -no backgrounds. Just a simple personal mother-child moment, captured with feeling and love). You will receive a high 8.5.x11 quality art print of the final artwork as well as a digital file to use for personal use only (prints for your kids, cards, etc. (I use a mix of watercolor, pencil and digial media to create these portraits).


I can only do so many portraits on top of my everyday workload so I have a limited the number of portraits I'm able to list. I would suggest you grab yours fast!


I'm excited to be able to illustrate these special mother child moments for you.  





CUSTOM Mother and Child Portrait