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The Rabbit Family is planting their vegetable garden and wants your help! Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit bring along their daugther and bity baby son for spring planting fun. Watch as they plant and grow raddishes, cabbages and of course carrots! 


This adorable spring printable pairs perfectly with our Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit dress up printable craft, our Rabbit Head Template and of course our lovely collaboration with Paperless Post - such as the Bun Vivant Wreath invite and the Bun Viviant Floral invite. What a fun party you could throw!


In this printable you will find Mr. Rabbit, Mrs. Rabbit, Daugther and Son Rabbit, two baskets, four cabbages, four radishes, five carrots, a watering can, three seed packets, a rake, a hoe, scissors, mounds of dirt for planting each vegetable row, tags for each vegetable planted and two banners, one saying "Happy Easter" and another saying "Happy Spring!". 

Rabbit Family Vegetable Garden - Printable

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