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Ahoy maties! Get ready to embark on a nautical expedition with our NEW Nautical Sailor Kids Printables and Sailboat DIY play set!


This printable play set comes packed with summer fun! Inside you will find 6 sailor kids, 1 crab, 1 octopus (or Kraken if you wish), 1 message in a bottle, 1 map, 1 telescope, 1 anchor, sailing rope, 1 life preserver, 3 seashells, 1 compass and 1 seagul. You will aslo recieve templates/pattern peices and instructions for making your very own cardboard sailing boat for the crew to climb aboard. You can even add some clear tap the to bottom of your shop and it will really float! We hope you're ready for some serious sailing fun!


Just print, assemble and play.



These printable characters also make the perfect cupcake and cake toppers, paper puppets, birthday buntings and more! 


We can't wait to see what you do with sailing set! Share by tagging @mer_mag and #mermag,#playcreatively so we can see and share your creations with our community. 



For Personal Use Only. If you are interested in liscensing usage, please email at for pricing. Thanks!


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