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Imogen is always sketching and loves to take her art easel outdoors to paint the wild she sees around her. Her favorite animals is a wolf and hopes to have tea with ad nice one someday. She is oversized at 26" high and is a perfectly huggable companion. Imogen has velvet blue velvet hair is hand sewn with a hand painted face. Here she wears a specialty Wren & James + Mer Mag pink and clay striped linen pinafore, perfect for running barefoot in and sleeping under the stars. She pairs it with a felt ball necklace and glittery mary jane shoes.


Choose from 2 different hair styles for Imogen:

  • side buns
  • pigtails



Intended for Children ages 3 and Up. (felt ball necklace not appropriate for children of any age still puting objects in their mouths. May present a choking hazard).

IMOGEN in 'Clay Stripe'

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