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Meet Evenora the witch!  Evenora is a helpful witch who loves all things nature. She has a knack for gardening and knowing just what a plant needs. She loves to make harvest salads for her fellow witches, made from fresh greens, roasted butternut squash and pumpkin seads. She has her very own arboretum and if she's missing you can most likely find her there or studying the latest plant in her herbology book passed down from her great auntie witches. 


Evenora is MADE TO ORDER. She is a midi size doll at 26" tall (that is without her hat). She has black wool plaited hair, a linen black dresw, wool black boots and black witch hat. You can even make her a DIY broom from a found stick and straw or found fluffy foiliage for the broom hairs. 

Evanora the Witch

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