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Prairie Land girl Clementine loves horses. For her there is nothing better than galloping through tall prairie grass on her horse Meadow and feeling the wind through her hair.  Lately Clementine has been working on lasso tricks and she’s starting to get pretty good at them too! Have you every tried to lasso?


Clementine comes in a specialty Rylee + Cru striped ruffled v-dress. She pairs it with a black wool hat and boots. She has pink wool hair tied in looped braids and is midi size at 26" long.


Each doll is hand sewn with a hand painted face, making each it's own unique work of art.

Each doll comes with illustrated portrait card with their prairie story on the back.



Not Suitable for Children under the age of 5. Supervise play at all times. Small parts such as shoes could pose as a chocking hazard. 

Clementine - midi size Prairie Land Doll

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