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Meet Beatrix! Beatrix is part of the 'Tiny Poet's Society'. She loves to make up her own stories and dreams of someday becoming a children's book author and illustrator. Beatrix has a grea big imagination, always coming up with fun, creative stories to tell her Tiny Poet friends Rupi and Louisa. 


This doll is part of our exclusive collaboration with children's clothing brand, Tiny Poet. Beatrix wears a Tiny Poet grey vest with a pink tie and ruffled sleeves. Under it she wears a linen striped pocketed dress. Beatrix has hand dyed yellow wool hair, tied in a braided crown. She pairs it all with classic black Mary Jane shoes. She is a midi size doll and measures 26" long.


Each doll is hand sewn with a hand painted face, making each it's own unique work of art. Each comes with a mini black notebook and tiny pencil as well as collectors illustrated portrait card, doll coloring pages and scraps of fabric to decorate the dolls with. 


Match your Beatrix doll with a Tiny Poet's vest.






Not suitable for children under the age of 5. Supervise play at all times. Small parts such as shoes could pose a choking hazard.

Beatrix - midi size doll

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