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Make a wish for your litlle one to keep forever with ANGEL WISH DOLL Nora. 


Nora is artsy, adventurous and a loyal friend. She guards over childhood creativity and imagination, bringing magic with her wherever she goes. Nora has brown wool hair plaited up in a crown. She wears a dusty pale lilac shantung dress complete with sparkle star pocket which holds her angel wish scroll. Open up the scroll to write an angel wish for your little one keep forever! Nora's sparkly linen wings, star hand band and fur collar are removable for playful fun. She pairs it all with sparkle mary jane shoes. 


Each doll is handsewn with a hand painted face, making each it's own unique work of art.


Intended for Children ages 3 and Up

Nora is smaller than her over sized friends and stands at about 20" tall. 


Nora is part of small limited edidtion holiday collection - so very few dolls are available in this style. 


Order by Dec. 1 for international Holiday orders


Order by Dec. 10 for domestic Holiday orders


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