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Amelia the Bunny is a thoughtful and kind friend. She's always collecting little treasures she finds on her path home. She likes to turn her treasures into unique and simple gifts for her friends such as William the Bunny. She believes there's few things better then a hand written note with a home made gift.


Amelia is midi size bunny - 24" tall. As part of a special collaboration, she wears a Tortoise and the Hare linen Emma dress. (You can match her in coordinating Tortoise and the Hare kid size clothing). She pairs it with classic black mary jane shoes. Amelia is made of white linen and has a bit of lavender sprinkled within her tummy for a calming scent. She has a hand painted face - making her an heirloom as well as a the best bunny friend.



Amelia the Bunny - Midi Size

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