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Help Daniel and his bunny friends hunt for eggs this Easter season. 

This little printable (complete with printable characters - Daniel, his bunny, basket, eggs and grass) was made especially for my little nephew Daniel, who is in recovery after complications from a near fatal bout with pnemonia. All proceeds from this printable will go the recovery fund set up for Daniel here: 


On Thursday, February 9th, my 4-year-old nephew Daniel was life-flighted to Denver Childrens Hospital due to a life-threatening emergency that initially presented itself as a stomach bug. After coming close to death several times Daniel was put in a medical coma and on a ventilator. He had cardiac and lung issues, was on 11 different medicines and had 4 different IV's and a Pic line. Thanks to many prayers, skilled doctors, and caring hospital staff, Daniel is now stabilized ‍ but in for a long recovery. He is learning eat solid foods, drink liquids, sit up and walk all over again. And with the the root cause of his severe illness is still unknown, the fear of this happening again remains.  


Out of pocket hospital expenses, such as ambulance and life-flight helicopter fees as well as day-to-day expenses from living away from home, and away from their other children in the care of others, are adding up quickly.


We're hoping this little printable will help a bit with all of these fees, as well surround Daniel and his family with much needed love and support. We hope by Easter he'll be his old self, giggly and happy, hunting for eggs alongside his siblings.


And of course if you're so inclined, you can donate directly to Daniel's recovery fund here:






Daniel's Egg Hunt Printable - Recovery Fundraiser

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